Railway route in New Zealand

The railway is loved. It is foreign countries and it is abundant to make getting on to the railway only in the country the enjoyment of traveling abroad, too.
In New Zealand, “Transformer [reiru] Co.” that corresponds to Japanese National Railways in Japan has managed the train. Total extension kilometers of the railway in New Zealand are 5200 kilometers. The railway of Kitashima is almost laid in the whole area and Nanto along the east coast line.
Also in New Zealand, I would like you to enjoy the railway by all means. To our regret though want to be said by me, there is the railway’s in New Zealand having assumed the original possession of the origin in the logging railroad, and the carrying of the domestic animal and milk to be a specialty, and the few one is current states. the traveler route where man is carried
In the terrestrial locomotion in New Zealand, the long-distance coach is entirely a subject. Moreover, the long-haul train is an appointment system, and doesn’t have the examination of tickets in the station. After it gets on the train, tickets is examined in the car. When big luggage is brought in, it is a mechanism that it entrusts to person in charge [raggeji] at the station beforehand and the ticket of keeping from is received. Then, it accommodates it in the space only for luggage in the train.
*When the ticket is presented, luggage is kept free of charge in the place with the signboard of Luggage Left.
It is necessary to note it because the number of the train might be suspended by about 1?2 day flight on the weekend, too. In buying tickets, often note it.
その代わり?The train of New Zealand is mostly less crowded though it is what when saying. It is possible to reserve it even before a day if time when Christmas and Easter, etc. are crowded is excluded. Moreover, how if it inquires because it is a seat number limitation and there might be a discount system and an early reservation discount, etc.

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