New Tokyo International Airport is started from Japan for three hours (New Zealand is advancing than Japan) the time difference with Japan, and the direct flight from Kansai International Airport and Chubu Centrair International Airport : New Zealand for 11 hours ..the service.. ..the time required… It is a country that visits far easily when comparing it with going to Europe because it will be possible to arrive in 11 and a half hours. Many Japanese tourists visit New Zealand of summer New Zealand escaping from the cold of winter of Japan because the season just becomes opposite in Japan and New Zealand moreover in 12 that is the summer of New Zealand February. However, because the tourist from Europe also joins, this time becomes serious crowded. How if it slowly thinks enjoying this charm visits the winter of New Zealand?Skiing is also active, and the charm of gang [chigatta] New Zealand might be able to be enjoyed again in summer in winter.
There is shopping in one of the enjoyments of travel.
It is a court and a carpet of the sheepskin that it is popular in New Zealand. Is there only sheep’s country, and several steps from Japan though the sweater and the hat of wool are worn?Goods by which both qualities and prices go on are obtained. A surely satisfying souvenir will be able to be obtained.
Moreover, accessories of the Maori tradition are also popular. The one that it is called, “Green stone”, and was carved Maori’s tradition pattern for this jade is popular among [nyu-ji-randohisui].
However, it costs the tax (12.5 percent) to these commodities. The price after taxes is often displayed, and the price is added to payment.

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