In the people who visit New Zealand, the person who visits for meeting peculiar animals in this country who naturally and live especially only in this country is not a little either. New Zealand is isolated, exists, lives by a peculiar animal to New Zealand, and has developed from the island nation that floats on the South Pacific with other continents and islands.
The famous one is “Moa” that was called “[**tori] of the phantom”. The moa has already been exterminated to our regret. It is said that the ancestor of “Maori” where it lives is food as for this moa this land before immigrating ..greatly.. in the place where the European is New Zealand assumption. Therefore, they were called “..person who ate the moa.. Moa Eater”. They have done for them to eat the moa that lives in New Zealand completely and to attach. It might be able to be said to New Zealand that it became the reason to have driven the reason it, and them to whom the moa has developed on this ground, too in to extermination there was no animal for large-scale meat that takes the place of the moa.
Moa’s stuffing specimen, frame specimen, and the fossil of other egg can be seen in the following museums though it is a moa that is exterminatory now:
- Auckland museum
- Wellington Museum
- Christchurch museum
The desire that it is made to think renewing the meaning of bundling off one seed to extermination does so that man may live. It is made the idea of the whale fishing as a similar present problem. By the way, the whale lives in New Zealand, and it can enjoy whale watching.


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